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Scandinavian furniture



Welcome to Great Moderns new homepage - the construction of the homepage has just been finished and over the comming months we will upload more detailed descriptions of designers and makers of our pieces in order to provide as much background information about our pieces as possible for you.

Great Modern is a great way into top class Scandinavian design. To pieces of furniture of the impeccable design and craftmanship that is unique to Scandinavia. Enjoy the results of the talent and skill that it took decades to evolve. Look at the real thing – we never offer remakes or copies. To ensure that you never settle for less than the best where you enjoy your home life we always make sure that no items leave us before they have been thoroughly tested, screened and if needed brought back to a standard of the era they were made in. As a small add on we also offer a few Scandinavian artists the chance of showing their art on the site. Browse through our site. Drop us a line any time - we are more than happy to share our knowledge, assist and tell you more or help you to find what you are looking for. 

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